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Do you need to disinfect your nail tools like your metal core from your files, nail tools like scissors, nippers, cuticle pushers and ceramic efile bits?

Soak is the product perfect for killing germs, viruses and bacteria and fungals from your nail tools inbetween clients.

low toxic, non staining, non corrosive and non flammable. 500ml




How to use:

Wash and scrub tools in hot soapy water and rinse

fill a container with our solution.

Mixed with water at a concentration of 5 to 10mls per litre.

 Soak for 10 mins ensuring all items are submerged.

Wearing gloves to adhere to santisation requirements empty container, rinse and dry and pack into our sanitisation pouches.

You can then place them in your autoclave for the recommended time

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