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Press It Gel is a fantastic thick adhesive to apply your gel extention nails. This formula is so durable, giving you 3+ weeks of wear without seperation. 


So how do i use this?


Be sure to prep your gel extention tip by removing shine from the underside and wipe with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove dust. 


Apply your Press It gel to the underside of the tip to the contact area to where the natural nail will be. Use a rolling motion to from cuticle to free edge removing any air bubbles for that perfect seamless adhesion and hold in place while you cure for 60 secs in our 80w or 96w UV/LED lamps. You can also flash cure for 15 secs and then full cure once all nails are adhered.


If you see air bubbles before curing, just lift off and re apply again holding tightly while curing in the lamp.


Now you can create your design with coloured gel polish, glitter and embellishments, followed by Top It Gel.


15ml bottle